Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flying Fists & Internships

While this blog was initially created as a way of keeping track of my art in a digital format, for this summer it will also be used as a way of recording my experiences at my internship in Beloit, WI, for a small local museum, as well as for a special project that I am doing with Professor Robert LaFleur, of the blog Round and Square. Because of this, there will be two tags that you may want to look at, which will be filled out over the course of this summer: 1. Winged Internships and; 2. Flying Fists.

I'd like to apologize ahead of time: I am not necessarily the best academic writer, and it has certainly been quite a long time since I last wrote a blog with any consistency. So, please forgive any grammatical errors ahead of time, yes? I will be making new posts every week under both headings, so expect plenty of updates!

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